Skirt Season Full On

May 31, 2017

Hey, You! What kind of a shopper are you? I’m the one that runs in to a store and if I don’t like something, like the way clothes are racked or how the shop smells I’m out. Usually it takes me few minutes to figure out if this is the kind of a store that I probably will find something or not. And if not then I usually don’t waist my time on it. Even with Zara, sometimes I go in and I will do a quick look around and yeah it happens that they have nothing I love. But typically they have :) something that catches my eyes. For example with this skirt. I saw it from a distance and whit a closer look I knew it’s coming home with me, I even did not try it on, thats how much I loved it from the second. Luckily it fits great, not too loose or not too tight. Perfect for a comfy look yet still a bit more special with it’s cute feather details on the pockets. And this peachy-colden color is perfect for summertime. So are you the one who likes to look in every section at one store and try on loads of stuff before deciding what to buy or are you more like me who is like always in a hurry when shopping and does’t like to spend that much time finding the right ones? :) All my outfit details are listed below! image6 image2-8 image5 image4-2Skirt- Zara (here), Shoes- Zara (here), Bag- Rebecca Minkoff (Stockann, or here), Sunglasses – Quay Australia (here), T-Shirt – old one

Lots of love

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  • Reply Sirli May 31, 2017 at 10:41 am

    Mul on alati nii, et ma astun poodi sisse, käin silmadega kõik üle ja kui midagi silma ei jää, siis pööran kohe otsa ringi. Ei hakka pikemalt ringi vaatamagi. Üldjuhul ma tean täpselt, mida ma otsin aga no muidugi ostan ka neid asju, mis mulle kohe väga meeldima hakkavad, isegi kui seda otseselt vaja pole. 😀
    Kui mees juhtub minuga koos poodi, siis ütleb alati, et minuga on nii lihtne šhoppamas käia, sest ta ei pea mind pikalt kusagil ootama. :)

    • Reply Kati Ollino May 31, 2017 at 1:54 pm

      Hehe, lahe, siis teie peres on nii nagu meiegi omas. :) Mees õnnelik ja naine kärme.

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