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August 2016


    Back to School (Basics)

    August 29, 2016

    School time, not again, haha! :) Actually it’s always such an exciting period, it’s like a fresh start for everything. New thoughts, challenges, opportunities and all we have to do is enjoy every moment of what the new season brings us. I’m not going back to school or to Uni, sadly, or even to an office, but probably some of you are?! So.. I did put together a little inspiration for some autumn bits and bobs which should give some smoother mornings when the school period starts and the waking up part with the getting dressed part is kind of annoying. It’s good to have a nice basic pair of blue jeans and a white blouse in your closet, you can never go wrong with these. 2-3 cool jackets that you can throw on with some more colder weather and switch them up from time to time. And the key word for autumn is always – booties! Yay, love me some cool booties. Definitely makes a life easier when you have some high quality boots, one that are flat, for every day wear, and one pair with heels, for more dressed up looks. Don’t forget to accessorise your outfit with some statement jewellery, a furry over the shoulder bag and voilaYou can shop my ,,school time,, faves here:

    1. Zara jacket (here), 2. Jeans (here), 3.Rings (here), 4.Top (here), 5.Flats (here) 6.Heeled boots (here), 7.Bag (here), 8.Bracelet (here), 9.Camo jacket (here)

    Hopefully the weather calms down a bit and I can bring you a new outfit post for the next. Talk to you soon and if you are going to school or Uni – enjoy, cause it will be over sooner than you know. :)

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    Snake Ballerinas

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    White Faux Leather Jacket

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    Pink Zip

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    The Lip Combo

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    Oversized Knit

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    Taking It Off The Shoulders

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    Velvet Is Back

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    Little Baby Haul

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